Recognition as an ISA Coach & Judge are the international standard and maintaining your certification proves you are active and grants you access to content and continued education on the ISA Source. Names of all certified coaches and judges appear on our public Certification Directory to allow potential clients and employers to verify your certification status.

Certification Courses

One of the ISA’s key efforts to develop the sport of surfing is through its certification courses. By completing our education pathway and participating in a certification course, you will be eligible to receive an official ISA certification to legitimize your skills as a coach or judge.


The Privilege of Being a Surf Coach

Surf coaches have the opportunity to share their passion for surfing with others. Teaching someone to catch their first wave or helping them improve their skills can be incredibly rewarding. Coaches get to witness and contribute to their students' progress and enthusiasm.

ISA Source connects the global surf and SUP community to resources to develop skills from coaching to judging and everything in between. Our E-Learning courses cover variety of topics to enhance your knowledge. Live webinars offer a unique opportunity to connect with surfers from around the globe and hear from an expert on specific surfing topics. Our extensive content library is filled with videos to help you elevate your surf knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to start a career in the surf industry, ISA Source offers dynamic content to support your journey. Register for free today!